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Winter Hair Care Tips 

Winter is unpopular for many reasons, one of them being its unfriendliness to hair. This harsh weather affects every hair type in many different ways. You could have lots of breakage, split ends, or an itching scalp. The list goes on and on.
Here is some good news. You can beat the frizz and dandruff. What’s more, you do not have to spend a lot of money. Instead, you will get to save some. How? 

Stay Hydrated

Maintaining hydration in your body is very important to your health. Yes, even your hair. The ultimate goal is to keep your hair moisturized. No conditioners or moisturizers will make a difference if you do not stay hydrated. Your body needs a constant supply of fluids to function well. Take a sip of water now and then. Do not wait until you feel thirsty. Keep a bottle of water nearby at all times. You can make things fun by adding slices of your favorite fruit to the water. This will add some flavor and bonus nutrients to it. A glass of milk or fruit juice will also get the job done.

Cover Your Hair

Now, you may have to go shopping but it will be worth it. A hat will help to keep the cold away from your head and your hair. Remember that the goal is to lock in as much moisture as you can. Exposing your hair to such harsh weather will strip it of moisture. Don’t worry about looking any less fabulous. Hats are very trendy and they come in varying styles. Be sure to pick out something that will frame your face nicely.

Detangle Patiently

Now is not the time to run a comb or brush through your locks with reckless abandon. You have to be gentle and patient. It gets easier when you make it damp or use a good moisturizing conditioner. This way, you can get through your tresses without losing too much hair.
Here is an extra tip for hair brushing: Start at the tip and work your way up to the roots. It will not hurt as much as it may if you use a ‘rip the band-aid off’ approach. You will also get it done quicker.

Less Shampoo, More Moisturizer, and Oils

 You should wash your hair less in winter. Most shampoos strip the scalp of moisture. This makes the hair weak and frizzy. Instead, invest in a good moisturizer. Coconut, castor, jojoba, and hemp oil are potent ingredients to look for in any formulation.

Book Hair Treatments in Danvers,  MA

There is a lot of heat associated with winter. Your heater, blow dryer or constant heat styling is the source. While these practices may not be harmful in warmer months, they are dangerous in winter. You should use less hot water and be wary of turning your heater more than necessary.
All these tips will work for anyone regardless of their hair density or texture. It also helps to avoid areas with extreme humidity. If you would like personalized recommendations, consult Bella Salon & Spa. We offer great hair services! Give us a call today at 978-777-3717 or fill out a contact form!

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