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Why To Avoid Purchasing Boxed Hair Dye

Did you notice gray hair and want to get it covered up as soon as possible? Or, maybe you are simply ready for a change with a fresh, new look. No matter your reason for wanting to dye your hair, there are great reasons to avoid purchasing boxed hair dye. It may seem more cost-effective and more accessible, but there are good reasons for cosmetologists requiring schooling. 

Poor Quality

Box dye is cheap because it is of terrible quality. Because of the poor quality, it is bad for your hair. The chemicals added to boxed hair dye could easily damage your hair or even cause allergies. Boxed hair dye will permanently alter your hair in a way that makes it so that it is not likely to return to its original condition after use. Cutting off dyed hair is the only way to truly remove it, as you cannot eliminate the chemicals.  

Hair is Complex

You may be thinking, it’s just hair. While, yes, it is just hair, hair is complicated. Coloring hair requires a lot of knowledge about the hair itself. What one person needs for their hair color can be completely different from another based on the condition, type, natural or colored, and even any prescriptions used. A boxed hair dye fails to consider these differences, often resulting in problems. 

Color Correction is Costly

When things go wrong with boxed hair dye – and they frequently go wrong – a trip to the salon is necessary. Although it is good to know that a salon can correct your mistakes, color correction is expensive. In fact, color correction is far more costly than a salon color treatment would have been. To avoid the need for color correction, go to the salon first. 

Not All Hair Color is Created Equally

Cheap, boxed hair dye can result in disaster. Some people experience extreme hair loss, while others have to walk around with unexpectedly green hair before it can get corrected. While there are claims that some boxed dyes are better than others, salon-quality products are the only ones that are worth the money and effort. These dyes cannot be purchased by just anyone; salon-quality dyes require a cosmetology license to purchase. Do not try to skip over the importance of hair knowledge when coloring your hair – hire a professional!

Get Hair Help

Hair help is not always as simple as making an appointment and showing up. While it would be nice for any licensed professional to offer quality service, it is best to go to someone with the knowledge and experience necessary to get the hair you truly want. Bella Salon & Spa is the professional you need. With the proper education, knowledge, experience, and services, you can count on us to get the color you want for your hair. Book an appointment today by giving us a call at 978-777-3717

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