We’re Debunking 5 Common Hair Myths

When it comes to your hair, you’ll do anything to keep it looking and feeling healthy, but some of the healthy hair tips you’ve read and sworn by for years might not necessarily be true. Today, we’re tackling these common hair myths so you can keep your hair looking its best for years to come!

Myth #1: Using dry shampoo is the same as washing your hair

Over the last couple of years, dry shampoo has become all the rage. It’s a great way to freshen your hair and remove excess oils when you are trying to lengthen the time in between washes. Even with dry shampoo being most peoples holy grail product, it’s actually not the best product to be using on your scalp. 

Dry shampoo doesn’t actually clean your hair, so when used excessively, it can actually cause damage to your scalp and in turn, your hair. Hair product will build up on top of the dry shampoo, clogging hair follicles, and throwing off your hair’s natural process of producing oil.

We’re not telling you to throw away your dry shampoo but use it sparingly and opt for a dry shampoo that is made with natural ingredients.

Myth #2: You shouldn’t use hair oil if your hair is naturally oily

If you have fine, thin hair, we’re sure you’ve probably been told a time or two that you shouldn’t be using excess products and that you should stay clear of hair oil. 

This doesn’t mean you should avoid using products that will nourish your hair. With a hair oil, you’re actually moisturizing your hair and keeping it healthy and regular, which will help prevent excess oil build-up!

Myth #3: You should towel dry your hair

We all know using hot tools on our hair, especially a hairdryer, can be very damaging. To help avoid this damage, many of us use a towel to dry the hair and remove any excess dampness. If you are very aggressively rubbing your hair to help it dry faster, you’re actually causing more damage!

Wet hair is delicate and to help keep your hair in tip-top shape, gently squeeze out access water with a microfiber towel or and old t-shirt before brushing your hair with a wide-tooth comb or wet hairbrush. Over time, your hair will look and feel healthier than before.

Myth #4: Sudsy shampoos clean better

WRONG! Shampoos that get very sudsy can actually do more harm than good because the ingredients in them that cause them to suds are harmful to your hair. Some of these include sulfates, synthetic fragrances, and parabens. Instead, opt for a sulfate-free shampoo!

Myth #5: Split ends can be repaired

An increasing number of products that have recently hit the shelves say that they help repair split ends but the truth is, once a strand splits, there’s no going back. To get rid of split ends completely, you’ll want to get a hair cut!

A few ways you can protect against split ends:

1. Regular trims

2. Don’t over-wash your hair

3. Avoid super hot showers

4. Be gentle when towel drying your hair

5. Use argan oil to moisturize the hair

6. Avoid overheating your ends with hot tools

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