Unexpected Things That Can Damage Your Hair

Most people know the common ways you can damage your hair, things like heat, wind, and dry air. But, there are other things that are damaging your hair that you may not even know about. Check out some of these unexpected things that could be damaging your hair.


Do you have long hair that hits past your shoulder? Do you wear you a handbag on your shoulder every day? The strap could be causing damage to your hair! If you have shoulder length hair you know the pain of getting it caught under your handbag strap. The pulling and tearing from the weight of your bag can cause breakage to your hair. Try to remember to move your hair from out of your handbags strap or switch off which side you wear it on to help minimize damage.


Are you constantly playing with your hair? Twirling it or breaking split ends? All the playing and twirling of your hair can stretch it and cause more breakage. Not to mention touching your hair so often makes it much dirtier faster causing you to need to wash it more often which can also cause damage. We know playing with your hair can be a hard habit to break but try to keep your hands out of your hair as much as possible to avoid unnecessary damage.


Ponytails are an easy way to get your hair up and away from your face. But by wearing your hair in the same tight ponytail every day it can cause a lot of damage. Tight ponytail wreaks the most havoc on your hair. They put a lot of pressure on the roots of your hair and can even cause hair loss.

Ponytails can also cause damage and breakage around the elastic area. With that being said you do not need to swear off ponytails for good. Simply switch up your hairstyle wearing it down some days and up others.

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