Spring Wedding Hair Tips and Tricks

Spring weather is great for fresh flowers and fragrant gardens for your wedding, however it can cause havoc for your hair with frizzy flyaways! Here are a few techniques to prepare your hair for your spring wedding.

Au Natural: In humid weather, no matter what your hair texture is, it isnâ%u20AC%u2122t the time to force your hair into an unnatural hairstyle. If your hair is curly, embrace your curls when finding a bridal hairstyle. Women with straight hair that tends to curl a bit in humidity should style their hair with loose curls.

Blot Dry: After washing your hair for the last time before your wedding, gently blot it dry with a towel to remove excess moisture.  Blot instead of rubbbing.  Rubbing quickly with a towel will further dry out any damaged hair and increase the chance of frizz. Frizz is created by your hair trying to grab moisture from the air, so the rougher your hair cuticles are, the worse your frizz will be.

Frizz Serum: After towel blotting your hair, apply a frizz serum to your damp hair before you blow dry your hair! After applying the serum, comb through your hair so it is distributed equally.

Seal Your Hair: After blow drying your hair, use the cool setting on your blow-dryer. The cool air will help to seal moisture into your hair cuticles.


Try to keep some serum around during your wedding day to smooth down any frizz throughout the day.  Follow these simple techniques to have your perfect spring wedding hair.  If you are in need of professional hairstylists for your spring wedding contact Bella Salon & Spa at 978-777-3717 or use our contact form here.  At Bella we have DevaCurl certified stylists who specialize in helping you embrace your curls.

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