Protect Your Curls When Swimming

All curly hair women should take measures to protect their curls from chlorine and salt water. Since swimming caps arenâ%u20AC%u2122t very fashionable in this time period and we are constantly exposed to heat and chemicals from the water, prevention of dryness and brittleness from occurring is key to having luscious hair!  Here are three effective tips to keep your curls healthy and bouncy while you are cooling off in the pool or beach!

Braids– One of the most basic ways of preventing your hair from becoming brittle and tangled. Styling your hair in two French braids, or corn rows or even a single braid will look great whether your hair is wet or dry! By having braids, the majority of your curls will be protected from becoming frizzy and brittle as it dries in the sun.

Oils- Oil is a natural protectant against water which will help create a barrier against salt and chlorine water from penetrating deeply into the hair shaft. Before going swimming, massage a small amount of your favorite sealing oil on your root to the tip. Some oils you can use are extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil, or for more of a heavier oil, use castor oil. For even more protection use oil and then braid your hair!

Conditioner & Water- Try mixing your detangling conditioner and water to create a thin consistency that can be used to spray through a nozzle but thick enough to coat your hair. To protect your hair from the dryness from the ocean and brassiness from the sun, just use a spray bottle to spray a generous amount of the conditioner mixed with water through your hair. Spray this concoction when you get out of the ocean and once your hair dries, your curls will have beautiful ringlets from the salt water but will be soft and shiny! The thin coating of conditioner on your hair will also help protect it from the sun rays!

One of the best part of having naturally curly hair is the capability of getting it wet at a momentâ%u20AC%u2122s notice. But by taking these extra steps to keeping your curls looking great, will help your textured hair in the long run. Prevent dryness and fizziness by following these tips and your curls will be looking fabulous all summer!

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