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Practicing Self-Care While Social Distancing

With so many people practicing social distancing during this uncertain time, practicing self-care regularly is now more important than ever. Between balancing work, your social life (from a distance!), and your family, self-care is a vital way to ensure you are showing up as your best, healthiest self for all of the important people in your life.

If you’re having difficulty scheduling in self-care into your busy day, here are the best ways you can fit self-care into your routine.

1. Start your morning off with meditation

Meditating is the best way to improve your mental health and by practicing meditation daily, even in the smallest moments, it starts to become a habit. If you are too busy to set aside time to meditate, start small and take advantage of the few minutes it takes for your coffee to brew! Think about the present moment and focus on your breathing before starting the rest of your day.

2. Take advantage of the time you have to shower

Instead of rushing through your shower, turn the daily habit into an experience. Light a candle, use the fancy soap you have been saving for a special occasion and dry off with your favorite fluffy towel.

3. Schedule a break in your day

No matter how busy you are, it’s important to take a few minutes for yourself to let loose and have a few minutes of unstructured activity. Avoid doing any adult chores and instead pull out a coloring book, read of a few pages of a book, take a quick walk, or start a new hobby.

4. Slow down

There never seems like there is enough time in the day to get everything done and with people constantly in a state of “go go go” it’s important to take the time to slow down. By taking the time to slow down, you are actually able to achieve more because you’re taking the time to experience everything life has to offer and you stop looking at time as currency.

5. Practice your hobby

Have some downtime? Practice your hobby! Give your side-hustle some extra attention, give knitting a try, or try a new recipe!

6. Make small changes to your diet

Making small changes in your diet can make a world of difference in your gut health. Swap out your mid-day chips and salsa snack for something healthier such as vegetables and hummus. Drink an extra glass (or two) of water throughout the day. Add more protein to your breakfast to help reduce snacking throughout the day. Small changes become big ones over time!

7. Make changes in your routine

Carefully look over your daily routine. Is there any area that isn’t working well for your mental health? Try making a few adjustments to your routine to make life easier.

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