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Our Best Tips and Tricks for Styling Curling Hair

Curly hair can be unpredictable, unruly, difficult to control and the difference between fighting with your curls and loving them comes down to your hair care routine. Curly hair requires more hydration, less washing, and more patience than other hair types. Below, we’re sharing our best tips and tricks to help you better manage your hair to help you fall back in love with your curls.

1. Comb your hair from the bottom up


Combing your hair from the bottom up allows you to easily detangle any knots without compounding them towards the bottom of your hair and yanking your way through them. This helps to protect your hair from damage and efficiently detangle. When brushing your hair and detangling, always use a wide-tooth comb, not a brush.

2. Get regular trims

Split ends and damaged hair can make your hair frizzy. To keep your curls fresh and healthy, get a quick trim every six to eight weeks.

3. Utilize a conditioning treatment

When your hair is feeling dry and dull, the last thing you want to do is weigh it down with several products. Instead, apply a styling cream or oil to your ends to help give your hair the extra moisture it so desperately needs.

If you are experiencing dry or frizzing ends, incorporate a leave-in conditioner into your hair care routine to help with hydration, definition, and smooth curls.

4. Use a diffuser to even out your curls

Ever wonder what that huge attachment that came with your hairdryer is for? The diffuser helps disperse the hot air of your dryer int a larger space, allowing to minimize the frizz that comes when curly hair dries naturally. This attachment will also help even out your curl pattern and will give your curls the volume and body you love.

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