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How We’re Protecting Our Team & Clients from COVID-19

To our Bella Salon & Spa Family,

The importance of health and safety is more apparent than ever.

In order to keep our Bella Salon & Spa team, clients, and community safe and healthy in the midst of these uncertain times and evolving situation with COVID-19, we have made the decision to close our salon until March 31.

We are continuing to monitor the latest information from the CDC and will inform you of any changes.

Wise words for navigating these times from author & teacher.

Dr. Shefali Tsabary

Yes, things are inconvenient
Yes, things are chaotic
Yes, the kids are at home 
Yes, yes, yes

But you know what else is a YES?

Yes, to quiet
Yes, to stillness
Yes, to self-reflection and growth
Yes, to being and connection
Yes, to healthy eating and exercising
Yes, to creativity
Yes, to decluttering and organizing
Yes, to finishing to-do lists
Yes, to reaching out and catching up with all 
Yes, to meditating
Yes, to all things we never had time for before
The earth is saying yes to the reprieve 
To no cars on the road
To less garbage in the oceans
To less waste in the landfills
To less pollution from the factories
To fewer accidents and carnage

The earth is breathing a sigh of relief – are you?

Remember: you can look at this through the eyes of scarcity or abundance. Which do you choose?
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I know when I gently and kindly care for myself, I have a deeper capacity and presence for everyone around me, and I can support those in my life with greater care and compassion.

Feel free to drop us a line, we’d love to hear from you.

Sending blessing of love and light to you all! ❤️ð%u0178%u2122ð%u0178»

Kayla & Christian

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