How to Update Your Hair Care Routine for Fall

Although it might not feel like it, fall is officially here and the change in weather can confuse your hair, and affect not only the texture but the color as well. To keep your hair looking it’s best all season long, follow these tips!

Increase Moisture

As temperatures start to decrease, the amount of moisture in the air decreases as well, leaving you with dry, itchy skin. Not only does this change in weather affect your skin but it will also leave your hair feeling dry. To help combat this, incorporate extra moisturizing ingredients into your hair care routine.

Use Natural Ingredients

Keeping your hair care products all-natural, you’re able to prevent further drying and damage. Ingredients like synthetics and any alcohol-based ingredients will strip your hair of natural oils. If you’re not sure where to start with all-natural products, we have All-Nutriet hair products in our salon that we use during your appointment and they are also available for purchase.

Go Darker

Summer and sun-kissed highlights go hand-in-hand but as the cool temperatures roll around, keeping these highlights maintained requires extra work and can leave your hair damaged. Instead, opt for a darker color in the fall months to reduce the amount of bleach used on your hair.

Introduce a Volumizer into Your Routine

During the hot summer months, your hair will naturally become more voluminous due to the humidity in the air. Once the cool temperatures roll around, you’ll notice that your hair goes flat more easily. To help combat this, invest in a volumizer that not only gives you the volume you are looking for but also protects your hair when using heat tools.

Try a Clarifying Shampoo

Between sunscreens, sand, and hair products, there can be a lot of build-up at your roots by the end of the summer, which can make it more difficult to style your hair. If you’ve noticed your hair is greasy or going limp at the roots, give your hair and scalp a good detox with clarifying shampoo.

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