How to Protect Your Hair and Scalp This Summer

Sunscreen and sun damage to the skin is well known at this point, but another part of the body is largely ignored. Of course, if youâ%u20AC%u2122re bald or have thin hair, sun damage to the hair and scalp is a well-known threat. That threat does not limit itself to those with more exposed scalps. Even individuals with a full head of hair are at risk to the damages that come with summertime. Here are some ways to protect your hair and scalp for the upcoming season.

The Threats of Summer to the Hair and Scalp

There are a ton of ways that summer takes its toll on hair and scalp. Hereâ%u20AC%u2122s how to battle these threats head on for a healthier scalp than ever before.

Hydrate and Moisturize the Hair

Chances are, if you are using a drugstore brand shampoo or conditioner, itâ%u20AC%u2122s doing more harm than good. Hydrating shampoos are hard to find, as many are full of chemicals that strip the scalp rather than keep it healthy. Always make sure to avoid parabens and sulfate in shampoos when possible. Also, feel free to skip shampoo some nights and only use a conditioner. These are often the things that keep the scalp healthy rather than tear it down, so make sure to invest in a good one to fight the summer heat and sun.

Keep the Head Protected with Coverage

Thereâ%u20AC%u2122s nothing that protects the hair and scalp more than good coverage from a hat. Not all hats are created equal! In fact, many hats that are popular in the summer are made of materials that do not protect the head from UV rays. Look for athletic brands or sports brands to have UV protection built into the materials of the hat for ultimate protection. Likewise, it can help to take umbrellas to the beach or other extended outdoor activities, even if it seems like overkill.

Drink Plenty of Water

Itâ%u20AC%u2122s not said enough – a healthy scalp and all skin need water to stay hydrated and healthy. It may be tempting in the summer to go for a margarita or lemonade, but that offers little in terms of actual hydration. The trick to water is to make sure youâ%u20AC%u2122re drinking it whenever you are thirsty. Enjoy a drink at the bar or with friends after you have had plenty of water to keep your hair and scalp ready for the elements.

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