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Hairstyles For The Fall

The change from summer to fall is a welcome one for lots of people. It’s a season of cozy sweaters, warm autumn colors, and pumpkin-spiced everything. Don’t let your hairstyle stay behind the times. Instead, think about getting a new fall style to embrace the cooler weather and changing leaves. Here are a few great styles you might love this fall. 

Change the Color

The change of seasons is a great time for a change of hair color. When fall arrives, bring the autumn colors to you and go for warm chestnut, golden red, or light copper. If you’re not too keen on changing your shade entirely, try a darker shade of your current color. For example, if you have blond hair and don’t want to go brunette, try a darker shade of blonde or add lowlights. This will give depth and mimic the season’s colors. 

Let It Grow

If you’re headed toward a cold winter, it’s time to start growing out your hair! Consider autumn a time to let your hair relax and grow. Don’t forget to head to the salon for regular trims to keep your hair in good condition. 


Not a fan of cold-weather hats? Get bangs instead to keep your head warm! Bangs are a great hair style for fall. Cooler weather means you won’t have annoying hairs sticking to your forehead from the heat, so it’s a perfect time to try them out. Try out curtain bangs for a laidback autumn look. 


If fall rains and winds are picking up where you live, it’s time to embrace the braid. Whether you’re headed to the office or out on a fall foliage walk, a great braid can be a perfect style. Try pigtail braids for a classic outdoorsy look or a high ponytail braid for a chic and simple style. Feel free to accessorize with ribbons, clips, or scrunchies to really make your braid pop. 

Waves and Curls

Big, textured hair is a fall weather must-have. If you’ve got naturally curly hair, embrace the volume with curl-enhancing foams or texturizing sprays. If you don’t have curly hair, don’t despair. Those braids that are also in for fall are a great way to get natural-looking waves. Try french-braiding damp hair and leaving it overnight. Take out the braid in the morning and use your fingers to separate the hair, and say hello to beach-worthy waves in fall! If you have a lot of hair, try three french-braids for better waves: one with the top half of your hair, and two for the bottom half. Add more as needed!

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