Devacurl Low-Poo Delight Line

This spring DevaCurl launched a new line specifically for those who have wavy hair! Low-Poo Delight Shampoo and One Condition Delight will bring out the beauty of natural waves. Women with wavy hair can now rejoice with this balanced, light shampoo formula that will cleanse your hair and take care of frizz and oiliness. The One Condition Delight will give your hair the right amount of hydration which will help with detangling curls and fight frizz.

Low-Poo is made with rice protein for body and fullness in your hair, lotus flower for bounce and body and lastly, chai-flaxseed extract blend for defined waves that last! DevaCurlâ%u20AC%u2122s One Condition Delight formula consists of rice protein, lotus flower, and a chai-flaxseed blend giving your hair weightless moisture. With all of these ingredients combined, will give you the waves that you want but still have your hair look effortless! Try this Devacurl Cleanse & Condition set at Bella Salon & Spa and get advice you need from our expert hairstylists. Call us at 978-777-3717 or use our contact form for more inquiries about our salon services.

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