3 Tips for Healthy Hair

We all know at least one person in our life that has smooth, shiny, and what seems to be good hair days every day. By using the right products and treating your hair with respect, you too will have healthy hair youâ%u20AC%u2122ll be proud to show off.

Our best tips for achieving healthy hair:

Use Less Heat

One of the worst things you can do for your hair is overheat it with a blow dryer and styling tools. This will leave your hair limp, dry, and increase breakage and dead ends. By simply reducing the frequency of using hot tools or learning how to use them properly, youâ%u20AC%u2122ll drastically reduce the amount of damage to your hair. When using hot tools on your hair, we recommend always using a heat protectant product to help reduce the amount of damage your hair sees.

When blow drying your hair, wait a roughly 15-minutes after washing your hair to blow dry to allow your hair to start the air-drying process. This will reduce the amount of heat youâ%u20AC%u2122ll need to use on your hair to allow it to fully dry. Keep the temperature on your blow dryer down and utilize a nozzle attachment to reduce frizz.

When using tools such as a flat or curling iron, keep the heat low as well and move around the head trying not to hit the same place twice.

As a rule of thumb, if youâ%u20AC%u2122re going to use a blow dryer, refrain from using a flat or curling iron on your hair after and vice versa! This will keep the heat damage to a minimum.

Be Smarter with Your Products

The ingredients in most hair products can be scary- theyâ%u20AC%u2122re long, hard to pronounce, and no one ever knows what they are. Paying attention to the toxic ingredients in products and looking for safe, organic options will keep your hair looking and feeling healthy.

If youâ%u20AC%u2122re not sure where to start with organic products, we highly suggest the All-Nutrient line! Itâ%u20AC%u2122s the brand we use here in the salon for products and color â%u20AC%u201C itâ%u20AC%u2122s safe on color treated hair, is organic, and isnâ%u20AC%u2122t tested on animals!

Dry Smarter

Itâ%u20AC%u2122s no secret that heat products are bad for your hair, but the way you dry your hair can also be equally as damaging. Avoid rubbing your wet hair with a dry towel, this causes frizz and breakage. Instead, opt for a microfiber towel or t-shirt to blot and absorb the moisture in your hair before twisting it up. Always use a wide-tooth comb to brush your wet hair and if youâ%u20AC%u2122re going to be air drying your hair, utilize a leave-in conditioner.

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